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XII International specialized exhibition «URALEXPOSTONE»

Exhibition Sections:

  • Natural stone mining:
    • equipment and technologies of geological exploration of cladding stone deposits, wall and non-metallic materials of natural stone
    • exploration technologies of facing and wall cladding stone, equipment used for stripping, mining and extraction of stone blocks, waste disposal
    • non-metallic deposits exploration technologies ( for crushed stone, and sand and gravel mixes), related equipment
    • blasting works in quarries where facing and non-metallic materials are mined, methods and tools, accident prevention
    • production of decorative crushed stone, decorative sand and decorative microcalcite
  • Natural stone utilization:
    • natural stone in architecture and urban development
    • cladding natural stone products (plates, architectural and construction products, pavestone and side stones)
    • cladding products based on natural stone (agglomerated slabs, products of recycling)
    • cladding works with natural stone (technology and equipment), art stone products (decorative stones, souvenirs, small sculptures)
    • art in architecture
    • architectural projects related to the use of stone (new construction, repair and restoration works, restoration of historic and cultural monuments)
    • sale of cladding and non-metallic materials
    • ritual stone products
  • Natural stone treatment:
    • technology and equipment for the processing of non-metallic minerals
    • technology and equipment for the processing of decorative stone
    • tools for stone processing (diamond, abrasive, hardmetal)
    • technology of restoration works, conservation of stone
    • chemical care and restoration products (impregnation, mastics, consolidants, crystallizers, color enhancers, synthetic waxes)
    • storage and transport logistics



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