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• Participation in the URALEXPOSTONE 2021 exhibition will allow you to present your innovative solutions and get acquainted with the best practices of our colleagues in the construction industry;

• At the exhibition URALEXPOSTONE 2021, your specialists will be able to personally communicate with the top persons of Russian and international companies that make decisions on purchasing equipment for the extraction, processing and use of natural stone;

• Attract the visitors' attention at  URALEXPOSTONE 2021 exhibition in Ekaterinburg an original stand design designed to take into account your brand (color scale, logo, general style and individual recognizable elements) and the objectives of the exposition;

• The advantages of your products and services in the construction sector at the stand will be clearly presented on video screens, on the walls of the exposition and in handouts;

• Quickly and accurately convey the information will allow a competent layout of the exhibition stand. All nuances are taken into account: the location of the stand in the exhibition pavilion, the features of neighboring compositions, planned events, including business negotiations, master classes of experts or performances by artists. Depending on your tasks, you can make the necessary zone on the stand as visible and open as possible.


  • Equipped area, building Standard - 122 €/м2
  • Unequipped area - 95 €/м2
  • Format  Workplace  - 143 €

The price includes:

- Exhibition area of 1 sq. m;

- Registration fee of the participant;

- Infochoice;

- Bar stool;

- One participant badge;

- Common meeting space;

- Placement of information about the company in the exhibition catalogue

  • Correspondence participation - 58 €

The price includes:

 - Placement of information materials (brochures, booklets, catalogs, business cards) on specially designated surfaces;

- Placement of information about the company in the exhibition catalogue.

  • Placement of an advertising poster of the company in the exhibition hall                                           -  28 €

The price includes:

- Placement of the company's advertising poster (A1 format) on one wall panel in a specially designated area of the exhibition hall.

  • Registration fee is paid by participants with equipped and unequipped stands                                      - 113 €

Organizer contact :

30, Kuibyshev st., 1310, Еkaterinburg, Russia, 620144

Tel.: +7 343 201 77 87 , +7 922 119 70 71

E-mail: centrekamen@mail.ru

+7 (343) 201 77 87

+7 (922) 119 70 71

30, Kuibyshev st.,1310, Ekaterinburg, 
Russia, 620144